Rucking is about the adventure


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 GORUCK - "Cardio for people who think running sucks. Rucking for fitness will get you off the treadmill and into the world. If you want to burn up to 3X as many calories as walking, ruck instead. Your heart pumps faster during a rucking workout to get oxygen rich blood throughout your body, increasing circulation. And you can talk to your friend, who’s rucking right next to you."


For us rucking is another way that we can connect on adventures. The gym is important but boots on the ground rucking is the best way to get ready for the adventures to come.  Our hope is that in sharing our adventures with you, we might inspire you to find your own adventures or join us on ours. Let's keep building strength, health and comunities together. Then we can share the stories of the exciting places that our journey's take use!